SALES-Bank Products / Telecom / Insurance / Wealth Management

    Growth of Sales has been integral to our clients. We help our clients achieve their tremendous sales targets by providing the necessary staff, expertise and solutions to meet these targets.

    Our Manpower Services unit allows us to provide skilled and experienced sales staff to sell and form of Bank, Telecom, Insurance and Wealth management products. We provide experienced staff in a short duration of time and make sure our clients’ needs are met leading to lower turnover amongst the staff, higher productivity and higher efficiencies.

    Besides manpower, we are working on providing new solutions and methodologies to our client that can help them increase sales at lower costs. This is done with the help of building Solutions and outsourcing the Sales function, thus leading to a higher productivity at competitive prices.

    IMEC has always aimed at meeting sales expectations of our clients at competitive prices resulting in higher efficiencies.

SALES-Bank Products / Telecom / Insurance / Wealth Management